Jack Kerouac
A Brief History

Jack kerouac was born on march 12, 1922 in loweel, mass. his family was working class french-canadians. he was truely a family man. he loved his brother, sister, father, and especially his mother. he however, never desired a family of his own.. jack was a traveller. he lived life because that's what he liked to do. he attended high school in lowell where he was a star athlete. because of his talent, he won a scholarship to boston and columbia universities. upon his mother's wishes, he attended columbia, to be a business man.

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Jack's Friends

Jack had a couple of serious friends. the kind of friends that he had are hard to come by today. together with neal cassady (the hero of jack's novel, on the road), allen ginsberg (author of HOWL), bill burroughs (there's not much to say about him besides he was an old junky who could write like the devil!), and several others, jack roamed the united states, looking for a good time. whether he was in the plains travelling from coast to coast, at 95 miles an hour with neal behind the wheel, or in california atop a mountain by himself, jack loved life!

Jack's Religion

Jack was a worshipper of life. he found life to be sacred. while he was a devout catholic, he was also a buddhist. he found catholicism to be his true beleif, but he practiced the art of buddhism. he was the type of person who could go anywhere and thank god for the wonderful things of life. when he was in california he met a buddhism named gary snyder, called japhy ryder in his novel, the dharma bums. that novel is the best one in the whole world. anyhow, there will be much more on religion, california, and japhy later.

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